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Nikiforov Y. А., Nemeryuk E. Е., Pokatov D. V., Romanovskaia O. А., Temaev Т. V. Modern society in conditions of social uncertainty: Theory and practice (Conference report). Izvestiya of Saratov University. Sociology. Politology, 2021, vol. 21, iss. 3, pp. 362-368. DOI:

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Modern society in conditions of social uncertainty: Theory and practice (Conference report)

The article is devoted to the review of the reports of the traditional conference “Dylnovsky Readings” held at the Faculty of Sociology in February 2021. “The Modern Society in the Conditions of Social Uncertainty: Theory and Practice”. Within the framework of five discussion platforms, the most relevant and significant problems of modern society were discussed. The discussion platform “Society, Institutions, Personality: Transformational Design” considered a whole range of issues – from the potential academic mobility of students, the peculiarities of youth participation in the public life of the country, the legal culture of youth, to the change of generations of the political elite in the conditions of social uncertainty, the specifics of interethnic relations in Saratov border region and the characteristics of the transformation of Russian single-industry towns. The discussion that unfolded on the platform “Digital Transformation: Singularity, Everyday Life, New Sociality” in terms of the breadth of copyright reflections, fit into the problematic field of historical inevitability of the information society. In the discussion platform: “COVID Generation: New Forms of Youth Development and Support during the Pandemic”, the speakers’ reports were devoted to topical issues. The full impact of the pandemic on humans is not only related to the potential risks of infection. Quarantine, which was announced due to the spread of COVID-19, negatively affected all areas – from the economy to the field of culture and business. The site “Specifics of Social Processes in Conditions of Social Uncertainty at the regional level” unfolded the discussion on the current characteristic of modern social phenomena in Russian regions, mainly in Saratov region. A large number of representatives of various cities, republics and professional groups participated in the discussion platform “Discourse of Age and Gender in Modern Sociological Research,” confirming the relevance and demand for such a form of work of scientific forums.