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Golovchenko V. I. Specifics of Electoral Activity of the Second Echelon Political Actors in Modern Russia. Izvestiya of Saratov University. Sociology. Politology, 2020, vol. 20, iss. 4, pp. 474-478. DOI:

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Specifics of Electoral Activity of the Second Echelon Political Actors in Modern Russia

Analysis of the second echelon parties and social associations’ participation in electoral processes within single voting day in September 2020 is presented in the article. An inference is made that as a result of municipal elections in different regions of Russia transformations related to strengthening oppositional forces’ resources have taken place; these transformations can manifest themselves as early as during the State Duma election-2021. Elections have shown that motivation of protest voting “we want reforms” is growing in popularity. It poses risks of orientation not as much on certain programs of political, social, and economic development, but on desire to bring into power new political forces and leaders. As a result, a threat of a “colored revolution” appears when protest actions of opposition (no matter how big its real share in the whole population is), upon the availability of strong diplomatic, financial, and information support of the USA and their allies, may be (as exemplified by events in Belarus) institutionalized by creating coordination councils and boards aimed at achieving the main goal – i.e. to overthrow existing political regime.

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