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The Main Signs of Social Insecurity of Labor in Russia

The article deals with the factors that destroy the social protection of labor in Russia and create social tension and antagonism between the government and the working people. Exploitation of employees is inevitable under any social order, regardless of who exploits them – the private owner or the state, but the main criterion of the socially-oriented state should be the protection of labor.

Labor Cost Lowering and Structural Unemployment Stability in Russia

The reasons of structural unemployment stability in the conditions of labor-deficit situation when demand in the labor market exceeds supply are considered. The main reason of unemployment stability is caused by labor cost lowering is proved on the basis of statistical data and the author’s research. This state of affairs contradicts the basic laws of the labor market – the equilibrium between labor and working force costs.

Price of Labor as the Factor of National Security

Is revealed the content of the concept of social and economic safety, which enters into the general theory of national security. The dependence of the state of the indicated safety on the social policy of state in the sphere of the formation of the price of labor is shown. It proves, that the understating of the price of labor and the low wage of the series skilled workers forms social polarization and injustice, which leads to the socio-class antagonism and is created the threat of national security.