Social-demination factor and practice youth in Russia and Saratov region

The article on the results of sociological studies conducted in Saratov and Russia reveals the socio-demographic factors of the reproductive attitudes of young people. The analysis of the data revealed that with age the acceptable and appropriate period of birth of the first child increases, the level of childbearing in the reproductive practices of young people increases, and the responsible attitude towards the appearance of children increases. However, the majority of young people (57.3%) do not consider children as a guarantee of personal, family happiness.

Social and demographic specifics of youth entrepreneurship in Saratov

The results of the sociological survey conducted in 2020 proved that the specifics of youth entrepreneurship in Saratov is directly related to socio-demographic characteristics. There are predominantly male-dominated business activities such as industry, construction and transport. The age largely determines the sphere of interests, values and experience of the individual, influencing the choice of business. For the younger age it is trade, for the older generation it is the service sector and other areas. The motivational core of the young entrepreneurs depends on their gender identity.

Police Officers’ Social Well-Being: Gender and Settlement Characteristics

The need to study the social well-being of police officers is due to the high importance of this profession for protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Russian population, and for ensuring public order. It examines the gender and settlement characteristics of the police officers ‘social well-being, which affect the police officers’ perception of their level of social protection, remuneration and bonuses, career prospects, satisfaction with housing conditions, relations with colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family life.

Gender Analysis of the Assessment of the Quality of Medical Care in State and Private Out-patient Departments

In this article the influence assessment of medical services rendering to men and women in state and paid out-patient departments in Saratov is given. As basis for the analysis the degree of satisfaction with research level and service quality is put. After carring out the study, based on gender estimated data the conclusion was made about the different level of the medical care and the degree of satisfaction with the quality of the medical services.

The Problem of Gender Relations in Discourse Market Reforms in Russia

The article dials with gender relations in the context of the market reforms in modern Russian. The changing gender roles of the Russian citizens a been shown, the perspectives and directions of development of the changing women’s position in economics a been defined.