Political and Legal Regulation of the Internet Space in Modern Russia

The article examines the evolution of political and legal regulation of activities in the information space in the Russian Federation. An analysis of key legal acts and documents in this area, as well as other initiatives of government authorities to ensure control over the dissemination of information is provided. The conclusion is made about the reasons and purposes of toughening of the state regulation of Internet communities and Internet space in general.

Mass Media in the Political Space. The Experience of the Expert of the Rating of Regional Media

The article summarizes the results of the expert survey, dedicated to the comprehensive analysis of the information space. The study analyzed the problems of the media functionality of their position in the media space, building communications with the government and society, mechanisms of formation of an information agenda. Also, based on expert judgment by the authors offered the option of rating the regional media.

The Social Nature of the Web-documentary in the Framework of the New Media

The article presents an analysis of the concept of the web-documentary in the age of online media. The authors considers significant changes in this area affected the social institutions such as film and media. The purpose of the article is the designation of the web documentary concepts boundaries and the selection of its specific characteristics and values in the society system. Considered in theory, reveal the impact of the changes in the media in the social processes of the Information Society.