New Paradigm of Modern State Political Designing

The article contains results of analysis of the historical change of paradigms presented by mass visions of the place and mission of a state within political process; the paradigms within which society designed political functionality of the “state of the future”. The author proves that in the face of pandemic and active fight of modern state institutions against it, social interest in optimization of political functions’ allocation between civil society and bureaucratic structures has risen.

Methodological Peculiarities of Study the Role of Internet Communications in Politics

In this article, we consider methodological difficulties of study the role of Internet communications in politics. We analyze different approaches to understanding the Internet. We draw conclusions that the introduction of Internet communications contribute not only to the transformation and modernization of the political process, but further change of research paradigm of political science.

Текст и социальная коммуникация

Представлена иерархия методологических подходов к интерпретации текстов, репрезентирующих разные культуры. Показано, что текстовые механизмы социальной коммуникации обусловлены социокультурными характеристиками коммуникантов. Диалог
как текстовый тип воплощает в себе все этапы и характеристики процессов социального и межкультурного взаимодействия.