Russia’s Youth Political Culture within the Context of Media Literacy and Media Influence

Based on public surveys results’ analysis, the main features of Russia’s youth disposition towards politics are considered in this article. The author describes the media component of the youth political culture within the context of the degree to which their media literacy is formed and suggests pessimistic and optimistic tendencies the phenomenon under consideration has.

Involve Young People in Healthy Lifestyle and Sports as the Direction of the Regional Youth Policy

This article discusses the features of development of sports in the Saratov region. The main sports areas in the regional youth policy, targeted programmes for youth to promote healthy lifestyles in the framework of the youth policy. It is very important to pay attention to the health of the young generation to carry out activities aimed at stimulating motivation to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Support and development of the sports institutions every year improved as in the municipal centres and in the region.

Changing the Role of the Parental Family the Social Mobility of Youth in Russia

There is analysis of social mobility of Russian young people in the article. The authors analyze modern scientific literature on this topic Influence of macro-factors prevails over personal resources of a young man. So families try to compensate this. As a result, a family acts as strengthenings instrument of social inequality. Young people from high-status families have opportunities for social growth. Young people from low-status families are often immobile. Of course, the status of the parental family is not inherited by children. But it allows you to provide access to resources.

Peculiarities of the Implementation of Criminal Behavior in the Adolescent Environment: Regional Aspect

This article discusses the characteristics of the manifestation of criminal behavior of youth on the territory of Saratov region. The analysis and study of the main motivations in the Commission of crimes, we study the value orientations of young people.

Legal Regulation of the State Youth Policy at the Regional Level (on the Example of Saratov Region)

This article discusses the features of development of the regulatory framework of the state youth policy, concept and strategy for implementation of the state youth policy in the region, key legislative initiatives, targeted programs for youth in the framework of the state youth policy.

Patriotism: the View of Students in Saratov Region

Patriotism is very ambiguous, the meaning and the value of which is estimated often diametrically opposite. It is viewed from the perspective of many humanities – philosophy, sociology, psychology, etc. The article contains the results of the research of the youth patriotism (N = 320), which was conducted in April – May 2015 in Saratov region.

Social Determinants of Healthcare Behavior of Students

In article we showed new approaches to consideration of social practices on example of healthcare behavior. On the basis of modern interpretation of theory of understanding sociology (by M. Veber) and phenomenological sociology (by A. Shutz) we showed the healthcare behavior as a special form of purposeful and rational activity in casual practices of modern youths. We revealed main determinants, which contribute to healthy lifestyle of youths. There are four groups of factors: environment, satisfaction of needs, lifestyle and social institutes.

Perfection of State Youth Policy Through the Optimization of Normative-Legal Base

Thе article discusses the features of development of legal relations in the sphere of state youth policies, key legislative initiatives, targeted project documents in the framework of the state youth policy.

The Role of the Russian Orthodox Church in the Political Socialization of Young People

In article participation of Russian Orthodox Church in political socialization of modern youth in Russia is analyzed. Characteristics of forms and methods of church youth policy with which the ROC expands are distinguished and deepens the religious influence on youth, at the same time promoting process of assimilation by the person of the values and regulations leading to forming of the qualities and properties allowing to adapt in this political system and to carry out political roles and functions.

The Way to the Sources (оn Educational Importance of Genealogy)

The article presents the sociological approach analyses of genealogical aspect of generations socialization, the youth in particular. The importance of genealogy in youth education and upbringing in contemporary Russian society is emphasis.