политический протест

Communication channels of protesters in the context of digital globalization: National specifics and opportunities for cross-country functioning

The article considers the mechanisms of media corporations’ infl uence on the process of designing and coordinating political protests in the USA, France, China, Belarus, and the Russian Federation in the context of digital globalization. Methodological basis of the research consists of the methods of case study and comparative analysis. The authors study fi ve cases refl ecting the specifi cs of communication channels through which national digitalization scenarios of political protest are implemented and carry out comparative analysis based on the authors’ criteria.

Political Protest: Theoretical and Methodological Approaches and Interpretations

The relevance of the study is due to the activation of protest moods in modern Russia, which in case of untimely reaction on the part of the authorities can take an unpredictable, destructive nature. The article is devoted to the study of different approaches in the interpretation of the concept of «protest voting», the analysis of protest voting as a form of manifestation of political protest, the definition of its universal characteristics.

Distinctive Features of Virtual Forms of the Modern Political Protest

This article describes virtual forms of modern political processes, their distinctive features as well as it makes an attempt to determine their on national and international security. Politicization of the information and communication environment in modern society is an indisputable fact. Besides publications of news of the political contents and their discussion in virtual space there were also protest political actions.

Научный концепт «Управление политическим протестом»

В статье предлагается научный концепт «управление политическим протестом». Автор доказывает, что успешный массовый политический протест обязательно должен быть технологичен.