политическое проектирование

Post-Soviet Communist State Designing

Main directions and features of communist political designing in post-soviet Russia are considered in the article. Having analyzed theoretical, program, and electoral materials of the Communist Party of the Russian Federation, the author makes an inference that modern communist leaders try to synthesize two “sovereign” projects of statebuilding – imperial and soviet ones. This project departs from class and ideological evaluations that are usual for communists.

Civilizational Political Project: Between Civilization Theory and Project Approach

There are many approaches to analyzing global politics within modern scholarship including ideal theoretical models of analysis and empirical approaches. Nevertheless, theoretical and empirical approaches do not allow scholars to interpret some political changes in modern world. Modern politics is in need of a new analytical approach that would combine civilization theory and project approach. The analysis of the value bases of large-scale political projects made us conclude that they are mainly of civilizational character.

Проблема понятия и элементной базы модели политического проектирования

В статье рассматриваются различные трактовки понятия политического проектирования, основные структурные элементы его различных моделей, основные параметры и характеристики,
функции и ключевые факторы их подготовки, управления и реализации.