пожилая семья

“Model Rural Family” (“Sis yal”) as a Way of Self-Organization of an Elderly Family

The article examines the current regulatory and legal framework of the Russian Federation and the Republic of Sakha (Yakutia) in the field of state’s social assistance to long-term elderly families. The article focuses on the growing special interest and attention to the social policy of the state to long-term elderly families who have lived together for 50 years or more, who as a socio-demographic category of the population present an insufficiently studied group from the scientific point of view.

Matrimonial Care Meaning in Elderly Families

The author, on the basis of sociological study data, conducted in Saratov in 2018, shows the characteristics of marital care in solving an elderly couple everyday problems. Care, in this context, is considered as a component of human life, accompanying a person from birth to death, as a response to questioning on life meaning, the essence of which is in complementary reciprocity, as a necessary tool for assembling the social and overcoming the “unhappy consciousness”, limiting individual existence.


В статье авторы на основе данных социологического исследо- вания, проведенного в г. Саратове (ноябрь 2016 г. – май 2017 г.), показывают гендерные особенности в решении проблем повсе- дневной жизни пожилой супружеской пары.

Everyday Life of Elderly Family: Strategy Planning and Resources Austerity

The article considers a substantive analysis of major planning strategies’ versions and austerity of resources in the organization of daily life of elderly couples, the article accents on the most important issues.

Engineering of Research Design in Modern Sociology of Elderly

The article analyzes a major research routes in modern sociology of old age and makes emphasis on the most important issues.