правовая культура

Legal Consciousness as a Sociological Construct

This article analyzes the phenomenon of legal consciousness characterized by duality. It is a part of individual ideology and a foundation osociety`s legal space. Legal consciousness is studied as a perfect latenmultilevel phenomenon of citizens’ mentality reflecting their identification, the aggregate of knowledge, motivation, values, assessment orelations to the legal reality, the practice of its implementation that regulates the individuals’ daily behavior in legal situations.

Perspectives of Mediation in Russia

Article deals with the understanding of mediation within the theoretical approaches of the communicative science. Author describes the potential of the mediative procedures in the context of the legal culture development in modern Russian society, defines social advertising as an instrument of official elucidation and promotion aimed at popularization of the alternative means for dispute and conflict settlement.

Правовая культура гражданского общества

В статье представлены и проанализированы теоретические подходы к понятию правовой культуры. Дана оценка уровня правового сознания российского общества.