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The Problem of Younger Generation’s Mobility in Low-Income Families

The article analyses the research carried out on the subject of the possibilities of social mobility for the young generation from low-income families in modern Russian society. The factors and reasons that have the greatest impact on the standard of living of low-income families are considered. The functional formula for the probability of vertical social mobility, which can be applied in further research of representatives’ social mobility of low-income families, is proposed.

Communicative Competence in the Conditions of Network Interactions

The article deals with the issues related to the rethinking the content and the role of communicative competence in the information world. The study of communicative ompetence development specifics of the virtual type becomes an urgent scientific task. In modern society, communication is a determining factor in all social processes, and accordingly, the individual communicative competence becomes its key property, providing the basic level of interrelations necessary to maintain sustainability and social reproduction of this type of development.

Legal Aspects of Economic Activity in the Sphere of Social Protection of Population

The article is devoted to the organizational and legal aspects of economic activity in the sphere of social protection of the population. It examines the key provisions ensuring the cost-effectiveness of the Institute for social protection of the population, within a market system with a predominance of private property and with some of the regulatory role of the State.

Динамика социального здоровья подрастающего поколения

Статья посвящена социологическому исследованию феномена социального здоровья молодежи. Анализируются динамика его 
изменения в трансформирующемся социуме в Саратовском регионе, дается сравнительная характеристика с другими регионами, определены факторы, влияющие на его формирование.