социальное государство

Traditional and Normative Bases of the State’s Political Functionality in Modern Russia

The article considers traditional and normative bases of providing the balance between the state’s political functionality and civil society in post-soviet Russia. Exemplified by one of the most important articles of the Russian Constitution, possibility of different interpretation of the social state’s functionality and civil society potential for public problem solving in contemporary Russia is shown.

Limits of Political Harmonization of Interests of Employees and Employers in the Framework of Tripartism: the Deconstruction of European Experience

The paper discusses the problems of the evolution of European tripartism as the political institution, aimed at harmonization of interests of employees and employers, the comparative analysis of European models of tripartism is made, the sources of country differences towards the role of public participation in the system of tripartism are disclosed.

Social Obligations of the Russian State in the Economic Crisis and Worsening Geopolitical Situation

The article discusses the process and specificity of formation of the social state in the Russian Federation. Particular attention is paid to the analysis of the implementation of social guarantees of the state in the economic crisis and worsening geopolitical situation.

Влияние глобального кризиса на становление социального государства в России

В статье анализируются современные подходы к сущности социального государства. Особое внимание уделяется специфике и проблемам российского пути к социальному государству в условиях глобального финансово-экономического кризиса.