социальное самочувствие

Employment as a factor of social well-being of rural population

The employment of the rural population, providing a stable income and social guarantees, is one of the key factors determining social well-being in contemporary conditions. The article is focused on the comparison the social well-being of rural population with diverse employment. The empirical basis is the sociological survey of the rural population of Khakassia (2018). Industry workers feel the best of all. State employees (education, culture, healthcare) are experiencing some depression, although it is caused by age features.

The students’ social well-being during a pandemic

The social well-being of the Russian students showed how steadfastly this category of youth survived the period of the covid-pandemic peak and the post-covid stage. Mass opinion polls revealed that the new generation mastered the distance learning system, and it properly assessed the prospects for virtual learning. Russian universities adapted to the new distance learning system despite the fact that the professional and educational Internet addiction of students increased. Working students pursuing “remote work”, were included in the state program of self-employment.

The dynamics of Saratov youth social well-being: Employment, values and fears

The article on the results of sociological monitoring conducted by questionnaire in Saratov in 2019 and 2020 (the volume of the probabilistic quota sample was 546 and 548 representatives of the younger generation, respectively), reveals the main parameters of the social well-being of young people and shows their dynamics in the context of the Covid-19 pandemic. It is revealed that the relative stability is observed in the labor sphere as a whole. However, the confidence of young people in the demand for the obtained specialty decreased.

Police Officers’ Social Well-Being: Gender and Settlement Characteristics

The need to study the social well-being of police officers is due to the high importance of this profession for protecting the rights and legitimate interests of the Russian population, and for ensuring public order. It examines the gender and settlement characteristics of the police officers ‘social well-being, which affect the police officers’ perception of their level of social protection, remuneration and bonuses, career prospects, satisfaction with housing conditions, relations with colleagues, friends, neighbors, and family life.

Social Wellbeing of Residents of the Provincial Cities Case

In article the basic reasons of low level of social well-being of the Russian province are established. Social well-being – a basic integration indicator of a way of life of people. Assessment of social well-being of inhabitants of a country town was carried out on the example of Penza by a set of criteria: basic values of inhabitants, economic situation, the most significant problems of the region, international relations, zdorovyesberegatelny behavior.

The Value, Relevance and Limitations in the Development of Inclusion in Modern Russia: the Subjective Aspect

Reviews the empirical research that illustrate three aspects of life activity of disabled persons with reduced mobility opportunities in the slice-link their social well-being and material well-being, leisure structure as an indicator of the demand for accessible tourism, including cultural tourism Wednesday wheelchair users. Proposed and justified the idea about the necessity to shift paradigms attitude of the Russian authorities to the social group of people with disabilities.

Динамика социального здоровья подрастающего поколения

Статья посвящена социологическому исследованию феномена социального здоровья молодежи. Анализируются динамика его 
изменения в трансформирующемся социуме в Саратовском регионе, дается сравнительная характеристика с другими регионами, определены факторы, влияющие на его формирование.


Относительная депривация как индикатор нестабильного общества

В статье рассматривается феномен относительной депривации как индикатор нестабильного общества. Выделяются показатели 
социального самочувствия современного российского общества.

Свободное время и досуг как условия формирования здорового образа жизни российского населения

Статья основана на результатах социологического исследования, посвященного изучению отношения различных социально-демографических групп и слоев российского населения к здоровому образу жизни. Исследование проведено Социологическим центром РАГС при Президенте РФ по заказу Министерства образования и науки РФ в рамках реализации федеральной целевой программы «Научные и научно-педагогические кадры инновационной России» на 2009–2013 годы.