The attitude of Russian youth to the Special Military Operation: The role of media support of state policy

The purpose of this article is to analyze the role of media support for the actions of the Russian authorities in shaping the attitude of young people to the special military operation (SMO) in Ukraine. The results of sociological surveys are analyzed regarding the level of interest and concern of young people about what is happening within the framework of the SMO, as well as their approval of the course towards a forceful solution to the conflict and the most preferable prospects for the further development of the situation.

Problems of International Crisis and Internationalized Conflicts in Policy Documents and Initiatives of the Political Parties of the Russian Federation

The article is devoted to the study of the content of the positions of Russian political parties on the issues of settlement of international crises and internal armed internationalized conflicts directly affecting the interests of the Russian Federation. The analysis of the party programmatics during the election campaigns of 2016–2018 and at the present stage has demonstrated a significant interest of parliamentary and other parties in carrying out effective foreign policy activities of the Russian Federation in this area.

Public Diplomacy Potential in Saratov Region: Opinion Poll Results’ Analysis

The article contains the results of the opinion polls concerning the way people evaluate public diplomacy potential in Saratov region. The role of mobility of near abroad states’ citizens, as well as networks of personal and kindred contacts in developing public diplomacy practices is defined.

Роль органов местного самоуправления в восстановлении украинской государственности

В статье рассматривается проблема участия органов местного
самоуправления в становлении новой украинской государствен-
ности, урегулировании напряжённой ситуации в стране. Произ-
ведён анализ действующего законодательства Украины, касаю-
щегося вопросов организации и функционирования института
местного самоуправления. На основе сравнительного анализа
украинской модели разработан ряд возможных сценариев ре-
формирования структуры местных органов власти в Украине.