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Formation of Public-Private Partnerships Innovative Mechanisms as a Part of National Technology Initiative Implementation in Russian Federation

The article deals with new approaches to the development of partnership between the state, business and the Russian education system, built in the logic of the strategy of the National Technological Initiative. The National Technology Initiative (NTI) is essentially an economic philosophy based on activities aimed at creating fundamentally new markets in this country. A large role in the implementation of the strategy is given to private-public partnership, which is made in the form of consortia of institutions for supporting the development of technological initiatives.

Social Solidarity of Men’s Trivial Concepts: The Experience of Qualitative Research

The article considers social solidarity and its interpretation. Social solidarity is a complex and contradictory construct, an objectively existing fact and subjectively experienced feeling at the same time. It is something what can appear in society and become its characteristics. It is assumed that the ideas about social solidarity differ from those already considered in earlier. The results of the empirical research are obtained by means of interview method.

From Morality Crisis to Traditional Family Values Revival of Russians

The material of this article is a part of a scientific Project implemented by an initiative group of Russian scientists since 1995. The article is analytical. The presented materials reflect the modern problem of the Russian state and society, generated by breaking of the existing Soviet system in 1991, the destruction of the communist ideology, and the simultaneous search for new perspectives, meanings and values in the construction of a new Russia.

Specific Features of Family Structure Dynamics Types in Russia

The article considers the major factors affecting family structure dynamics in Russia and its change. The consequences of “the second demographic transition” are shown, in particular the growth in the number of informal “fragile” families caused the increase in the number of incomplete single-parent families.

Young Industrial Workers’ Leisure Practices

The paper describes industrial enterprises young workers leisure in Ulyanovsk. They are considered in the context of their working activity, family and consumer style. The factors connected with a work-rest schedule at the industrial enterprises, material well-being, family and children, and other biographic facts are highlighted. Leisure places of free time are characterized.

Elderly People: Reading Practices

The article is devoted to an important but insufficiently studied, problem of reading in old age. The problem is important for developing new effective strategies of implementing the National Reading Program in Russia. The article discusses the overall state of affairs in the field of studying reading practices in the age aspect. The article is based on the results of an empirical sociological project devoted to the study of such aspects of elderly people reading problems as: motives for reading, a book, reading circle, ways of getting a book.

Social Aspects of Health Support at The Regional Level (The Example of the Saratov Region)

The article discusses the main current trends in the population health and its social support in Saratov region. The attention is drawn to the issues of studying regional health indicators, which should be the basis for the priority activities planning in the field of health and public health support for this Federation subject, being the matters of particular importance.

Labor Values of a Foreign Enterprise as a Factor of Choice in Young Workers Employment Strategies

This article focuses on the results of young workers qualitative research, which was carried out in 2017–2018 in Ulyanovsk. The differences in the young workers’ perception of work at the foreign enterprise are shown. The analysis of human resource management practices in the context of the values of traditional Russian production culture was undertaken. Stability, partnership, personal freedom and pragmatism are highlighted as aspects of the attractiveness of a foreign enterprise.

Professional Advancement of Future Experts in Terms of Secondary Employment

The dynamics of secondary employment of students, their occupations, ways of employment, work experience, income and other characteristics are analyzed by means of the sociological research based on questionnaire and statistics. The special emphasis is put on the extent of correspondence of secondary employment with students’ future profession, labor values in particular. In the context of economic recession more students applying adaptive strategies tend to find a job, most of whom aspire to find a part time job. However, not everyone manages to achieve his/her professional goals.

Continuing Education as a Factor of Agricultural Workers’ Professional Competence Increase

The article, on the basis of statistical data, analyzes the socio-demographic characteristics of the population engaged in agriculture. The system of continuous education providing workers with long-term professional competencies allowing them to remain widely sought after by employers during their working life, is studied. Based on the conducted research, the conclusion is drawn that the development of continuous education system for agricultural workers increases their professional competencies.