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Social Portrait of Dagestan Protestants (By the Results of Sociological Research)

The so-called «evangelical awakening» was one of the brightest manifestations of the religious component of the post-Soviet period in Russia. The followers of Protestantism were ideologists of this phenomenon. Strengthening the position of Protestantism in the post-Soviet space clearly revealed itself in the religious and social life of the Russian Federation national regions, particularly in the Republic of Dagestan. The subsequent crisis of the post-Soviet society provoked an «invasion» of Western missionaries. Their purpose was to create sustainable communities.

Information Digital Inequality of Population: Risk and Anti-Risk Factors

The rapid development of new information and telecommunications technologies acquires the character a global information revolution exerting an increasing influence on politics, economics, management, finance, science, culture, and other spheres of society. Informatization gives impetus to integration processes in the society but at the same time, the processes of polarization of the population are intensifying.

The Analysis of Social Atmosphere Pathology in Federal Districts of Russia

The purpose of this article is to characterize the social atmosphere in federal districts of Russia. The social atmosphere is seen as a macro-social phenomenon, denoting all spiritual and emotional processes and phenomena in society. It creates a background of social life, affecting not only social behavior, but also public and individual health. It is hypothesized that the population of different territories of Russia reacts differently on ongoing processes of country social structure transformation.

Gender- and Age-Sensitive Political Attitudes of Young People

According to the results of empirical research, the article reveals the age and sexual characteristics of Russian people political attitudes. The analysis shows that men, in general, are characterized by increased opposition and strict certainty in their political views, unlike women, who are generally more loyal to the elections and the current government, and their arsenal of opinions is less diverse and characterized by uncertainty.

Marital Solidarity in Later Life

The article is devoted to an important and relevant but insufficiently studied problem of marital relations in later life, which is important for developing new effective strategies of social policy in its gerontological dimension. The article considers studying the age aspect of matrimonial relations. The paper is based on the empirical sociological study of marital solidarity in later life. Marital solidarity is defined as a special phenomenon that has its own structure and dynamics.

On the Problem of Physical Culture High School Educational Space Substantiation

The article reveals the content of «physical culture and educational space» concept in the context of higher education. An attempt was made to justify the physical culture and educational space of higher education as a self-sufficient type of educational space. Socio-pedagogical, social, practical and methodological levels, actualizing the need to justify the physical culture and education space are shown. The detailed reviews of sociological literature devoted to higher school educational space management improving development are given.

Traditional Family Development Institutional Alternatives in Dagestan

Traditional family development institutional alternatives in Dagestan are derivated from the family types which developed in Dagestan society. The authors are of opinion that as any phenomena and processes development dynamics takes place between the real and the ideal, the development of the traditional family as a social institution is directly connected with dominant trends in this area.

Labor Cost Lowering and Structural Unemployment Stability in Russia

The reasons of structural unemployment stability in the conditions of labor-deficit situation when demand in the labor market exceeds supply are considered. The main reason of unemployment stability is caused by labor cost lowering is proved on the basis of statistical data and the author’s research. This state of affairs contradicts the basic laws of the labor market – the equilibrium between labor and working force costs.

Human Capital Innovative Development Mechanism

Russian President Vladimir Putin set the task of making a scientific and technological breakthrough in various fields of economy, politics and education. This task can be solved only as a result of the formation and implementation of human capital innovative development effective mechanism. The study of the latter is an actual scientific problem. The purpose: the study of conceptual ideas that reveal the human capital innovative development mechanism; the refinement of this mechanism modern nature and structure in contemporary Russian society.

The Concept of Life Quality in Modern Sociological Theories

The article reviews life quality conceptual role of society state research. During the second half of the XX century “life quality” evolved from a vague, unformed scientific expression to a scientific concept, which was later included in many theories. For most of this period, the development of this category was considered mainly in Western science. In the USSR, the term “lifestyle” became very popular. A large number of investigations were devoted to the working class way of life, the work team, etc. Later “lifestyle” was replaced by the rejected concept of “life quality”.