Scientific section. Sociology

Social Adaptation of Nonresident Students to the High School Environment

Article based on the results of sociological research method of questioning, reveals the problems of primary and secondary process adaptation of nonresident students to new education and City Wednesday. It is shown that students coming from other cities, better start to navigate the University and urban space, develop new functional competency and the requirements of the educational process, than students who come from rural areas and small settlements.

The Disabled Child Physical Activity as a Criterion of Family Well-Being (The Theoretical Substantiation of the Problem)

The article deals with theoretical aspects of social well-being concept and various approaches to its study. The review of scientific sources for generalization of social health state research criteria with reference to the family bringing up the handicapped child is made. The absence of a generally accepted indicators system and signal indicators on which one could measure its level is revealed.

Problems and Possibilities of Applying «Family Group Conference» Technology to Social Work with Family in Russia

Modern practice of social work with family aims at families in crisis position. Social work with family is based on the correction and modification of the current situation. The current system of preventive work with families of risk groups isn’t always effective. Awareness of the need to start solving current problems of the family as soon as possible demonstrates the necessity for new approaches to the social work with family.

Social Escort as the Resource of an Increase in the Integrated Potential of Disabled People

In the article the leading role of new social service – the social escort of disabled people, which gives the possibility to disabled people to select and to act at its own discretion; to learn to the new types of behavior; it contributes to personal development. Social escort makes it possible to systematize forms and methods of operation with the disabled peoples depending on the level of their integrated potential.

Social Wellbeing of Residents of the Provincial Cities Case

In article the basic reasons of low level of social well-being of the Russian province are established. Social well-being – a basic integration indicator of a way of life of people. Assessment of social well-being of inhabitants of a country town was carried out on the example of Penza by a set of criteria: basic values of inhabitants, economic situation, the most significant problems of the region, international relations, zdorovyesberegatelny behavior.

The Internet as an Adaptive Resource for Older Users

The article deals with the peculiarities of the use of the Internet by the older age group of the Russian population. The indicators of participation in the Internet space in two groups: youth and pensioners are compared. This makes it possible to analyze the degree of “resource” of the Internet for the two “extreme” groups according to the age, to assess what opportunities Internet provides users and how they are used in different age groups. The resources of adaptation of elderly users and those who do not use the opportunities of the global network are identified.

The Contradictions of Urban Social Time: The Discourses of Inclusion and Deinstitutialization (Problem Statement)

The image of time in a new way is associated with the beginning of inclusion in the modern culture of the urban community. The article analyzes the category of social time of the city in terms of its correlation with the concepts of inclusion, deinstitutionalization and social policy. The author’s idea is aimed at identifying temporal and social tools for the formation of a higher level of social justice, integration, reducing social inequality within society in order to achieve greater stability and cohesion.


В статье рассматривается проблематика взаимодействия СМИ с аудиторией через анализ механизмов обратной связи телевидения с телепотребителями, данной через Интернет. Проведен анализ востребованности телевидения и Интернета как информационных ресурсов у российских медиапотребителей, охарактеризованы интернет-источники мнения телеаудитории, проанализированы официальные страницы популярных общедоступных телеканалов и зрительских форумов. 


В статье рассматривается сущность социальных и гуманитарных технологий на современном этапе развития информационного общества – становления общества знания. Обобщая различные определения социальных и гуманитарных технологий, делается вывод о том, что в этих понятиях актуализированы объектноцелевые аспекты технологий. Выявляются тенденции применения социальных и гуманитарных технологий, их классификация по общему предмету, общим целям, результатам применения, используемым методам и средствам.


В статье по результатам эмпирического социологического исследования проведен корреляционный анализ взаимосвязи экономической депривации и эмоциональных состояний россиян. Степень экономической депривированности определялась через индикаторы потребительских возможностей. Уровень субъективной депривации измерялся через индикаторы самооценки, тревожности, озабоченности, подавленности, оптимизма, своей значимости для социального окружения. Выявлено, что по мере роста экономической депривации повышается уровень озабоченности, тревожности населения.