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Children and parents in the information space: Interaction, risks and safety strategies

The article is devoted to the analysis of the author’s research: focus groups with parents of children gadget users with access to the Internet (n = 6), the questionnaire survey among adolescents (n = 303) and parents (n = 326) about media consumption, and information security legislation. The new trends and risks in the development of modern child-parent relationships: gadget and Internet addiction, conflicts, decreasing parental control and authority, alternative interaction forms, dangerous content and the consequences of its consumption were identified.

International communication in the city area of Daghestan: Conditions and tendencies

The problem of international communication becomes important in multinational society because of the variety of different factors. The problem of international cooperation acquires special significance in polyethnic society due to various factors as this phenomenon indicates the state of international sphere measurement. Also, the stability and positive development of modern polyethnic society in the international spheres depends on the character of their stability and their communication frequency.

Social and demographic specifics of youth entrepreneurship in Saratov

The results of the sociological survey conducted in 2020 proved that the specifics of youth entrepreneurship in Saratov is directly related to socio-demographic characteristics. There are predominantly male-dominated business activities such as industry, construction and transport. The age largely determines the sphere of interests, values and experience of the individual, influencing the choice of business. For the younger age it is trade, for the older generation it is the service sector and other areas. The motivational core of the young entrepreneurs depends on their gender identity.

Взаимосвязь чувства юмора и синдрома эмоционального выгорания у педагогов дошкольного образования

The article examines the specifics of manifesting a sense of humor and emotional burnout among the preschool teachers. Particular attention is paid to the fact that manifesting the sense of humor can influence the prevention of professional deformations among teachers. The relevance of the research problem is conditioned: firstly, by insufficient studying the relationship between the sense of humor and the emotional burnout syndrome among preschool teachers; secondly by its ambiguity. Two opposing points of view on the interaction of burnout and professional deformation are presented.

The analysis of the tendencies in the application of artificial intelligence technologies in the educational sphere

The article discusses the main trends in the field of artificial intelligence in relation to the educational sphere. The analysis of the use of artificial intelligence technologies and their impact on the higher education system was carried out. The attitude of the citizens of the Russian Federation to artificial intelligence in education was investigated. The main reasons for the fears of the respondents about the use of intelligent information systems in the educational sphere were identified.

The effectiveness of social services in the implementation of psychological, pedagogical and socio-cultural services in the process os disabled children’s inclusion into society

The article presents the new results of the original empirical study of social attitudes to the effectiveness of the social services in the context of social and educational inclusion of the disabled children. The activity of the social services of Saratov region was analyzed according to the set of the quantitative and qualitative parameters’ order. The specifics of the social assessment of the success of psychological, pedagogical and socio-cultural services’ implementation success in the process of the disabled children’s inclusion into society were considered.

Liminal identity of the COVID generation

The author’s reflection is aimed at identifying the specifics of the representatives of generation Z (“Homelanders”/“Centenials”/ “Artists”/ “Homebodies”) personal state who relate themselves to specific social communities in the context of the COVID-19 virus pandemic. The remote format of organizing communication and activities affected the mechanisms of socialization, both primary and secondary.

Migrants’ integrative tools for entering the European Union sociocultural space

The integration of migrants into the social cultural space of a host country is a complicated process. Its main goal is to turn a migrant into a full-fledged citizen and to decrease negative consequences of this process. The integration touches on cultural, economic and social spheres of society. The EU practice gives an acute example of the collaboration of developed European civil societies.

The values in the system of a Russian serviceman’s of the family social culture

Theoretical, methodological, and empirical substantiation of the problem of values’ development of a serviceman’s family after the implementation of the civil-military relations reform in Russia in 2012 is presented. On the basis of the study from the sociological survey “Family Culture of the Russian Servicemen”, the trends in updating family values in the post-reform period are revealed.

Sociological measurement of the effectiveness of state national policy in the Russian region: Theory and practice

The article is devoted to measuring the effectiveness of the state national policy in Saratov region by means of using sociological methods and practices. The most commonly used method of obtaining social information in such studies was the combination of quantitative (questionnaire) and qualitative (expert survey) methods. The study revealed a number of trends in the development of the ethno-confessional situation in Saratov region. The results of the mass survey indicate a low and increasingly declining level of both national and religious conflicts in Saratov region.