Scientific section. Sociology

The specifics, role and methodological problems of expert knowledge in sociological research

The article reveals the methodological and methodical features of the expert survey and its role in sociological research. The advantages and limitations of using the results of the experts survey as a multivariant complex process both from the methodological and methodical points of view of the research process were substantiated. The requirements for its organization and conduct, including the requirements for the competence of experts, are presented.

The characteristics of the sports social field: Some elements of P. Bourdieu’s theory

The article raises the problem of transformation of modern society sports space aff ecting the public perception of sports activities and actors involved in it. The aim of the scientifi c article is to identify the characteristics of the sports social fi eld through the prism of sociological cognition of social space by P. Bourdieu.

Development of the algorithm for collecting sociological data from universities’ online communities in the social network VKontakte

The article tells about the study of online communities at Saratov State University. In the course of the study, a Python algorithm was developed to search for online communities according to certain criteria and a social graph was built, which was further transformed using a clustering algorithm. The obtained results of the study can be used to increase the recognition of the university in social networks, which will raise the prestige of the university and attract more applicants.

he diffi culties foreign students experience upon entering educational environment of Russian Universities (On the example of Saratov State University)

The article shows how Saratov State University, being a participant of the government educational program “Priority-2030”, works to increase the attractiveness and competitiveness of Russian higher education in the international market of educational services. Using the example of foreign students – citizens of Turkmenistan, the diffi culties encountered by foreign students -young Turkmen are studied. The empirical basis of the article presents the interviews with the 3rd year students from Turkmenistan at Saratov State University in 2021–2022.

The social traumatization factors of doctors’ professional group

The article reveals a sociological approach to the analysis of the concept of collective trauma understood as the destructive, dysfunctional consequences of social transformations concerning large groups of people. Currently, the professional medical community is particularly vulnerable to social trauma and often takes moral responsibility for it. The healthcare reform, begun in 2010, its economic, social, and psychological consequences became the main trigger for the formation and development of such a trauma.

Удовлетворенность сотрудников социальных служб работой в период организационных изменений

The article presents the results of a comprehensive study of “Social Support Department” and “Employment Center”, implemented by the order of the Ministry of Labor and Social Protection of Saratov region. The theoretical framework fi xes the key authors for this topic and marks the main approaches to understanding satisfaction. The complexity of this phenomenon is noted, which generates a variety of interpretations in both foreign and domestic research tradition.

The formation of the attitude towards money in the context of family fi nancial confl ict

The article examines the role of the family in the formation of the attitude towards money. The circumstances of family fi nancial confl icts are investigated. The cases of fi nancial contradictions in the parental family are analyzed. (based on the memories of an adult about his childhood. Situations where either emotional or rational aspect prevailed in fi nancial decision-making are investigated. Special aspects of fi nancial behavior strategies, attitudes to spending and investments are clarifi ed.

Professional satisfaction of the medical institutions staff: Theory and practice of sociological study (Based on the case-study of the polyclinic of the Clinical cardiological dispensary, Saratov region)

The article, based on the results of a sociological study (a sample survey of employees of the territorial polyclinic of the Regional Clinical Cardiology Dispensary within the framework of monitoring the quality of work, in March-April 2022), reveals the main trends in professional satisfaction assessments by employees of the polyclinic. Theoretical and methodological conceptualization of the concept of professional satisfaction enabled to develop a working defi nition of the management and indicator scheme under study.

On the question of a comfortable urban environment: Sociological aspects of development (Based on the case-study of Vladivostok сity)

The article contains the author’s generalization of the available research data for the purpose of sociological representation of the urban environment comfort and design tools for its development. The subject of the study is presented as a parameter of socio-spatial development and as a task, the importance of which is articulated at the state level and has its own regulatory, documentary and expert confi rmation. The study used methods of content analysis and expert online interviewing of a semi-formalized type.

Image characteristics of the subject of political process – municipal authority bodies of Russian million-plus cities: Social media analysis

This article considers formation of image of thirteen Russian million-plus cities in social media (not including federal cities – Moscow and St. Petersburg). Based on the content analysis of messages posted on the offi cial accounts of local authorities of million-plus cities on the VKontakte social network for the period from September 1 to December 1, 2021, the authors determined the main image characteristics broadcast through offi cial social media accounts.