Scientific section. Sociology

The coronavirus pandemic as a transformational processes factor of the urban creative environment (According to the sociological study results)

The article reveals the specifics of transformational processes in the urban creative environment of modern Russian society in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The results of a sociological study (method of expert interviews) conducted in 2021 in Saratov as an empirical basis were used. The purpose of this paper is to present the assessment of the various experts who are respondents in this study regarding the pandemic factor of changes in the creative space of a typical Russian city.

The concept of apparent time in modern sociolinguistics: Advantages and disadvantages of methodology

The article is devoted to the analysis of the concept of apparent time used by modern sociolinguistics to identify the social features of the use of language by various socio-demographic groups. There are a number of problems that can be solved by using this empirical method. The fi rst problem is the “constraints”: which language changes are possible and which are not. Historical data can only show what changes have already occurred, but not what changes are possible/impossible.

Rural Muslim religiosity in the context of the transformation of Russian society

The article reveals the specifi cs of rural religiosity as an important factor in the development of rural society in Russia. Sociological and historical material, related to the social life of the Tatars of the Middle Volga region in the Soviet and post-Soviet periods serves as an empirical base. New, previously unpublished archival documents have been introduced into scientifi c circulation.

Modern content culture of conflict-free communication of servicemen

The study clarifi es the current content and structure of the military personnel communication culture. To achieve this goal, the relevance of the analysis of military personnel communication culture and its functional role were concretized at the fi rst stage of the study. At the second stage, the study of the military personnel communication culture is theoretically justifi ed, its essential manifestation is revealed.

Social control as a management function

The article, on the basis the analysis of data from a semi-formalized interview of experts on management and social control (2022, N = 12), reveals the main and additional parameters of the assessment of social control. It is proved that the main parameters of the control assessment should include traditional subsystems for checking the complex of knowledge, shared norms, procedures and the eff ectiveness of labor actions. Additional parameters defi ne a list of possible motivating factors, as well as the assessment of the entire system of actors or social groups professional culture.

University ranking as an element of attractiveness for potential enrollees

The article presents the results of the students’ preferences study when choosing a place to receive higher education. The study was conducted at the Faculty of Philology at Peoples’ Friendship University of Russia, its methodology is based on the principles of a survey implemented online on the RAEX Rating Review portal on June 14–23, 2022; the results are compared.

Medical tourism in Russia: Design of sociological research and prognosis

The article considers medical tourism in Russia as a social phenomenon. The design (development of a program, hypotheses, methodology) of sociological research is proposed, which involves understanding the existing and obtaining missing information about the investigated social phenomenon. In solving these problems, it is important to understand that the genesis and development of medical tourism are infl uenced by quite numerous social factors (often acting in directly opposite directions) that actualize social reality in the time period of one to two years ago.

Technical progress as a factor in the development of the institute of education

Education is one of the most important institutions of social reproduction, providing both the processes of socialization and the formation of the professional competence of society members. Education as an institution is not static. It changes under the infl uence of various social factors, and, in particular, it is transformed depending on what social demands are.

Labor mobility of youth: Potential and factors of its activation in contemporary Russian conditions

The article substantiates the author’s interpretation of labor mobility potential and the factors of its activation in line with the subjective mobility concept. Its empirical verification is carried out on the basis of the analysis of the mass survey data and in-depth interviews conducted by the author among the young people employed in the economy of Kursk region, and their comparison with the results of all-Russian and regional studies. The research reveals a relatively high potential for labor mobility of working youth, expressed in the readiness to change jobs in the near future.

Gender aspects of the gaming practices in the youth segment of the Russian computer games audience

In the last decade, all over the world and in Russia, in particular, there has been an active development of the computer games industry and an increase in the gaming audience, while an outstripping growth of the youth audience is recorded every year. The presentation of the realities of the gaming audience of computer games is fruitful, taking into account the gender characteristics accumulated in computer games.