Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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Традиционализация и архаизация транснациональных отношений в Северо-Кавказском регионе: причины, признаки

In this article, the author considers a problem which is extremely urgent for modern Russia – the specifics of the archaization of the political culture of traditionalization and the archaization of transnational relations in the North Caucasus region. The author analyzes the main reasons for the traditionalization and archaization of interethnic relations of the region, their influence on the socio-political processes in the North Caucasus republics.

Формирование мещанства как прослойки среднего класса в российском сословном обществе

The article considers the problems of changes in the social structure of society as a result of the development of the Russian Federation according to the Western capitalist models. It is noted that market capitalism has brought to the Russian soil, along with some modernization processes and phenomena old archaic social practices, which were expressed in feudalization and class transformation of the Russian society.