The Issue of Crimea as a Factor of Political Stance of Liberal Parties in Modern Russia

Based on analysis of official party documents, public statements, and publications of various leaders of the liberal of Russian party system, the author considers and assesses their views and arguments on the issue of Crimea within domestic and foreign policy of contemporary Russia. The author concludes that in spite of some nuances in liberal politicians’ stances on this problematics, they all agree that Russian government should officially denunciate the act of reunification of Crimea and Russia and delegate the problem of the peninsula’s status to international community.

Theory of Novorossia within the Crimean Social and Humanitarian Discourses

The article considers the problem of interpretation of the theory of Novorossia within the Crimean social and humanitarian discourses. Opinions of the researchers have been presented. It was shown that the Crimean scholars were able to derive a number of important provisions that are relevant to the theory. They explored the specifics of the study of the space of Novorossia, suggesting the interpretation of its borders.

To the Problem of the Correlation of the Facts of Accession of the Crimea to Russia and the Periods of the Russian Integration Activity

The article considers the problem of correlation of the facts of accession and loss of the Crimea with the periods of Russian integration activity and state power. The Crimea historically is an important component of the Russian imperial space, and was often at the center of the processes that determined the degree of integration activity and state power of Russia.