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«Discomfort» of Modern Democratic Social and Political Systems’ Development and the Problem of «Comfort» Alternative

The article is about analysis of extrinsic and intrinsic problems, threats, and risks contemporary social and political systems are facing. The author is looking for the new world order model capable of neutralizing of the modern world controversies through providing comfort conditions for the life and development of contemporary societies.

Типы имиджа российских женщин- парламентариев в условиях кризиса

The types of images of Russian women parliamentarians in the context of the crisis of 2013–2017 are investigated. The author’s definition of the image of women parliamentarians is given. It is noticed that in historical conditions connected with the crisis in Ukraine, through the media channels, the images of women parliamentarians who defend the state position of the Russian Federation on issues of national interests are remembered. Two “crisis” types of image of women parliamentarians are defined: “statist” and “fighter for the orderliness”.