Traditionalization and Archaization of Transnational Relations in the North Caucasus Region: Reasons and Signs

In this article, the author considers a problem which is extremely urgent for modern Russia – the specifics of the archaization of the political culture of traditionalization and the archaization of transnational relations in the North Caucasus region. The author analyzes the main reasons for the traditionalization and archaization of interethnic relations of the region, their influence on the socio-political processes in the North Caucasus republics.

The Phenomenon of Nationalism in a Multi-Ethnic Environment

The article considers the phenomenon of nationalism in a multi-ethnic environment from the point of view of various approaches. The idea is substantiated that in modern multi-ethnic states it is customary to single out civic nationalism and ethnic nationalism. The main causes of the surge of nationalism in different historical periods, the main theoretical and methodological approaches that explain the nature of nationalism are highlighted.

The Role of Ethno-Politics in the Formation of the Russian Civil Nation

The article considers the role of ethnopolitics in the design of a new Russian civil nation. The idea is substantiated that the problem of the formation of a civil nation in Russia is caused by the problem of the coincidence of two identities – national (universal) and ethnic. The role of ethnicity as a self-sufficient political resource is noted. The process of nation-building, features of ethno-political education are analyzed. The need to shift the emphasis in the implementation of Russian ethnopolitics is emphasized.

Ethnos, Endogamy, Blood Relationship

The problems of ethnos, endogamy and consanguinity are being analyzed in the article. Endogamy and the feeling of blood relationship are being considered as a peculiarity of a specific ethnos and they cannot be made absolute for all ethnic groups. Absence of the myth of the ethnos common origin is not always an obstacle to ethnos formation.

Technology Policy of the Regional Political Processes in the North Caucasus

The methodological base, problems and peculiarities of political control in the North Caucasus. We study the ethno-political situation in the region, the political elites and other actors. We highlight some of the causes of political tensions in the region, to develop mechanisms for decisions and recommendations.