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Eurasian integration

Значение социальных технологий в реализации евразийского интеграционного проекта

The article deals with the problems of integration of the Eurasian space associated with the formation of social consciousness, core value, which was the national sovereignty in the post-Soviet states. Today, the issues of integration and independence largely opposed to each other. In this situation, the construction of positive motivation, a single Eurasian identity is a major factor in the successful implementation of the Eurasian project.

Академическая мобильность в странах-участницах ЕАЭС

The article examines the processes of academic mobility in the member countries of the Eurasian economic Union (EEU). The reasons for optimizing cooperation in the Eurasian space are considered, which are related to the importance of creating common standards in training specialists, the emergence of a competitive environment among the Universities and the formation of the unified base for the smooth entry and exit of teachers and students.