Izvestiya of Saratov University.
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The evolution of the language personality concept in the course of constructing social reality

The article presents the stages of transformation of the concept “linguistic personality” in correlation with the changes of social reality. The reasons for the appearance of the concept “communicative personality” in connection with the formation of the social reality of the information society are substantiated. Comparative analysis of these concepts, involving linguistic, socio-cultural and socio-psychological factors is presented. The “linguistic turn” in socio-humanitarian research contributed to a new content of linguistic personality as a discursive concept.

От лингвистического поворота к лингвосоциологии: проблемы и перспективы

The article considers the phenomenon of linguistic turn in the humanities, sociology in particular. The natural causes of this phenomenon generation from the point of view of various methodological approaches – symbolic interactionism, discourse theory, communication acts theory are presented. The formation of the new fi eld of theoretical sociology – linguosociology and it succession with sociology and sociolinguistics are substantiated. In conclusion, it is shown, that linguosociology is a natural phase in the development of socio-humanitarian knowledge.