The theory and methodology of the safety cultural study of the young people in the South of Russia

The article aims at defining the concept of cultural security in the youth environment of the South of Russia and taking into account the specifi cs of the multicultural region. The methodology substantiates the multidimensional research construct, which is based on the actualized principles of socio-constructivist and socio-cultural approaches including the position of neo-institutionalism and social interactionism.

Formation of Public-Private Partnerships Innovative Mechanisms as a Part of National Technology Initiative Implementation in Russian Federation

The article deals with new approaches to the development of partnership between the state, business and the Russian education system, built in the logic of the strategy of the National Technological Initiative. The National Technology Initiative (NTI) is essentially an economic philosophy based on activities aimed at creating fundamentally new markets in this country. A large role in the implementation of the strategy is given to private-public partnership, which is made in the form of consortia of institutions for supporting the development of technological initiatives.

The Problem of the Correlation of Traditions and Innovations in Works of Foreign Thinkers (On the Example of Works of A. Comte, K. Marx, G. Spencer, M. Weber)

The article deals with the correlation of tradition and innovation in the works of foreign scientists. There are two main directions in the approach to the analysis of this ratio and an attempt is made to identify on this basis the place and role of traditional and innovative factors in the formation and development of the political culture of society

Professional and Labour Employment of Pensioners: Gerontological Direction of Social Policy

The article is devoted to the study of specific socio-economic policy of the State with respect to vocational and employment of retirees by age. Defined and meaningful are characterised by innovative strategies to promote the employment of retired citizens.

Role of Traditions and innovations in Socio-political Dynamics of Modern Society

The author’s position on a problem of interaction of traditions and innovations and their influence on society governance is presented in the article. The system of traditional values is considered as the popular and effective tool of policy. The author investigates importanceand place of tradition in the situation of globalization process and confrontation of different centers of force.