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The experience of youth participation in distance learning courses on online platforms: The results of the empirical study

Online courses are a trend of today. Thanks to distance education, people can improve their skills, broaden their horizons or completely change their professions. In modern Russia, the institutionalization of distance education on online platforms is being implemented quite intensively, and many steps have already been taken in this area. In future, this trend will only intensify, as dynamic processes require constant training and advanced training which is certainly capable of implementing distance education.

Институциональные противоречия взаимоотношений политических партий с парламентами субъектов Российской Федерации

In this article, the author assesses the problems of institutionalizing the relations between political parties and Russian regional legislative assemblies. The author highlights the contradictions in the norms and political approaches that should expand party opportunities in the parliamentary activity of the Russian regions. A conclusion was made that there is excessive influence of regional actors on the admission of parties to legislative activity.