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Features of the foreign policy mechanism of the Russian Federation

The article considers the problem of the stages of evolution and the main trends in the functioning of the foreign policy mechanism of the Russian Federation. The degree of influence of specific elements of the mechanism of formation and implementation of Russian foreign policy from 1991 up to the present has been characterized. It was shown that in 2000-2008 certain changes took place in the system of the state foreign policy mechanism, which were due to the specifics of the leadership style of the incumbent President and his team.

GR Researching: Theoretical Approaches

This article is devoted to the problem of revealing scientific approaches to studying business-government relations. The direction of studying Government Relation is developing in political science actively. It is important to define the theoretical and methodological frameworks of studying this phenomenon. The author examines the theories and approaches which can be used to investigate the reasons of GR, the main models of this interaction, and identify methods for GR strategies’ realization.