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international cooperation

Emergency management and globalization: Modern challenges

Globalization has a significant impact on the process of emergency management. The COVID-19 pandemic has shown the relevance of studying the problem of globalization in relation to emergency management. Nevertheless, this topic has been poorly studied in Russian science, while receiving some coverage abroad. This article examines both positive and negative aspects of the impact of globalization on the process of emergency management.

Некоторые вопросы взаимодействия России и Китая в Арктике

The article is devoted to the consideration of the reasons and a number of areas of cooperation between Russia and China in the Arctic region. The importance of this region for Russia and China is analyzed. The advantages of the Arctic for the two countries in terms of territory, economy, and politics are revealed. The conclusion is made about the relationship between the COVID-19 pandemic and the exacerbation of the crisis of political and economic relations between China, Russia, and the United States.