Evolution of the Functionality of Ideologies in Party Building in Modern Russia

The article deals with the main trends in the evolution of the functionality of ideologies in the activities of parties in post-Soviet Russia. It is concluded that in modern conditions the traditional role of ideologies as an identifier and marking factor of parties in the political space is significantly reduced. At the same time, the motivational role of various ideological values, which are most often used by parties, regardless of the formal declaration of commitment to a particular ideology, continues to be significant.

Russian Parties at Elections in September 2015: Results and Prospects

Peculiarities of holding electoral campaigns on the single voting day (September 13, 2015) and main results of political parties of modern Russia are considered in the article, key tendencies in political forces’ ranking on the eve of State Duma election in 2015 are pinpointed, and prospects of oppositional parties’ participation in the election are evaluated