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The regional poverty: Generation aspect

The article presents the results of an empirical sociological study conducted in 2022 in Saratov using the questionnaire method and dedicated to poverty. The volume of the quota-territorial sample amounted to 626 respondents. It was revealed that the middle generation was more likely to talk about absolute poverty, the younger – about relative poverty. Today, the majority of Saratov residents link poverty with an income of 8–12,000 rubles.

Малообеспеченность неполной семьи. Эмпирический анализ

The article is devoted to a panoramic review of incomplete families problems empirical studies results. The dependence of the sociocultural potential of a single-parent family on the quantitative and qualitative characteristics of the society social space (regional, ethnic, specific historical, traditional and cultural) is considered.

Бедность как основа социальной депривации россиян

The all-Russian empirical data revealed that 30.6% of Russians are in the state of poverty or misery: the smaller the size of the settlement is, the poorer people live there. As the population ages, it is more prone to poverty and misery. Poverty is very strongly correlated with social and political deprivation. The poorer the population is, the wider is its range of problems directly related to survival, the more often the main source of information for it is television, the more it is limited in its information and technological capabilities.

Российские моногорода в условиях макроэкономической нестабильности и действия системных рисков

This article presents the views on solving the current problems of Russian single-industry towns in the context of macroeconomic instability. The historical and economic aspects of the emergence of factory cities in tsarist Russia and the Soviet Union, the role of the phenomenon of single-industry towns in the development of the domestic material and technological base are investigated.