social capital

Formation of social capital of political parties and public organizations in the region: Main directions and means

On the basis of the comparison of modern foreign and Russian sociologists’s views, a structural and factorial operationalization of the concept of “social capital of political parties and public organizations” is developed. The material and cultural resources are available for the accumulation of social capital in the region. But regulatory measures (legislative, information and educational) are still needed to strengthen the social interaction between political parties and public organizations and the government structures representing regional society.

Social Rehabilitation in the Context of the Disabled Life Trajectories

Social rehabilitation is considered as a result of actions of all subjects of rehabilitation aimed at reсоvery and formation of social functions and relations of the disabled person. The aim of the work is to analyze the factors and individual`s resources that influenced the result of social rehabilitation. The empirical basis for this study is provided by the disabled narratives describing their biography, achievements in various spheres of life, institutions of support.

Problems and Possibilities of Applying «Family Group Conference» Technology to Social Work with Family in Russia

Modern practice of social work with family aims at families in crisis position. Social work with family is based on the correction and modification of the current situation. The current system of preventive work with families of risk groups isn’t always effective. Awareness of the need to start solving current problems of the family as soon as possible demonstrates the necessity for new approaches to the social work with family.

Civil Society in Modern Russia: Some Trends (Tendencies), Issues, Factors of Formation

The article is devoted to the analysis of modern trends of Russian civil society formation, internal and external factors that influence on these processes and some issues and restrictions of its development.