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social cohesion

Construction of Social Welfare in the Biographical Stories Youth

The article presents the results of a study of social well-being of young people of the Volga region. The analysis of materials biographical interviews were identified types of social cohesion, factors of its formation, described the degree of relationship with the social wellbeing of youth social cohesion in the context of socio-cultural.

Youth Social Well-being in Socio-economic Conditions of Modernization

The article presents exploring of the key concepts of youth’s social wellbeing of youth in the circumstance of modernization applying of the empirical data carried out with the help of the qualitative methodology by the expert interviews with officials and representatives of the academic institutions and public organizations.

Ценности российской молодежи в социальном и этнокультурном контексте (на примере фокус-групп в Саратовской и Самарской областях)

The article presents a theoretical and empirical analysis of the phenomenon of youth values in the context of social and ethno-cultural transformations of Russian society. The results of focus groups conducted with the youth of the Saratov and Samara regions aged 18 to 35 showed the contexts of the manifestation of terminal values – family, health, self-development, freedom and personal and professional self-realization, acting as the basic guidelines of the younger generation and the characteristics of the relationship to ethnocultural diff erences.