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social communication


Contemporary trends of globalization and progress in communication technologies make studies of social communication a very important topic. This article strives to shed some light onto specifics of social communication in the temporal aspect, and highlights tendencies in its development, common for all periods of human history. This article also amends definition of a new virtual medium – Cyberspace, which represents a new stage in evolution of social communication

Структура социальной коммуникации

The article deals with interdisciplinary status of the social communication structure. It is shown that social communication is based on social psychological and linguistic components. The social communication channels, communicative competence and communicative situations and goals are characterized. The special attention is paid to the content of the social communication information. The main characteristic features of languages competence from the point of view of social context.

Некоторые аспекты эволюции феномена социальной коммуникации

The article is devoted to sociological reflection of social communication and channels typology. The chronotypes of communication process – genetic, psychological, and social are considered. The typology characteristics of communication processes in diachronic and synchronic aspects are presented. It is shown that communication typology reflects the humankind evolution, an individual being a social communication subject. The characteristics of social communication as a process of exchanging meanings in social space and time are given.