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the USA

The foreign policy strategy of the US ruling elites in the 21st century: Indo-Pacifi c region

The author focuses on the strategy of the US ruling elites in the Indo-Pacifi c region. Documents of American senior offi cials responsible for US foreign policy are used as sources. The concept of “Free and Open Indo-Pacifi c”, which refl ects the vision of Washington, is analyzed. The research hypothesis assumes that the US elite is pursuing a systematic policy of creating political and economic alliances with the countries of Southeast Asia to ensure world hegemony in the 21st century. China is their main competitor.

Роль Турции в сирийском конфликте: анализ работ российских авторов

The article is devoted to the analysis of thematic frames within the Russian scholarly publications on Turkey’s participation in the Syrian conflict. The author highlights the following thematic blocks: the historical nature of Syrian-Turkish relations, the “Kurdish factor” of Turkish policy in the Syrian conflict, Russian-Turkish relations, relations between Turkey and the United States. 

«Левый» поворот Америки: новое поколение социалистов

The article is devoted to the change in the attitude of American society to the ideology of socialism at the beginning of the XXI century. The article examines reasons for popularity of leftist ideas in the United States, the most popular interpretations of the concept of “socialism” among American citizens, taking into account their age or belonging to a particular social group.