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The dynamics and features of the transformation process of political elite composition in the region of the transitive type

The article considers the basic features of the transformation process of the political elite in relation to the region of a transitive, agrarianindustrial type, like Saratov region. The differences between the transformation process and the change of the elite and the so-called "change of elites" are revealed. The characteristics of the structural-institutional, group and generational aspects of the dynamics of elites in the region are given.

Управление миграционными рисками в условиях трансформации глобальных миграционных процессов

The article is devoted to the problem of managing migration risks in the context of the transformation of the migration situation in the modern world space. The author, noting such transformation features as a reduction in the duration of migration movement, the emergence of “fluid” plastic forms of migration, substantiates the manifestation of migration risks and the need for new approaches to their minimization.

Пандемия коронавируса как фактор трансформационных процессов в городской креативной среде (по результатам социологического исследования)

The article reveals the specifics of transformational processes in the urban creative environment of modern Russian society in the context of the coronavirus pandemic. The results of a sociological study (method of expert interviews) conducted in 2021 in Saratov as an empirical basis were used. The purpose of this paper is to present the assessment of the various experts who are respondents in this study regarding the pandemic factor of changes in the creative space of a typical Russian city.