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young people

Specificity of Formation of Social Activity of Young People in Volunteer Activities

The article devoted to the study of the phenomenon of volunteer activities. particular attention is paid to the importance of civil society’s social position of young people, which is manifested through volunteering. The approaches to the analysis of volunteerism highlighted various forms, types and motivations of young people volunteering.

Трансформирование роли родительской семьи в социальной мобильности молодежи в России

There is analysis of social mobility of Russian young people in the article. The authors analyze modern scientific literature on this topic Influence of macro-factors prevails over personal resources of a young man. So families try to compensate this. As a result, a family acts as strengthenings instrument of social inequality. Young people from high-status families have opportunities for social growth. Young people from low-status families are often immobile. Of course, the status of the parental family is not inherited by children.

Трудовая мобильность молодежи: потенциал и факторы его активизации в современных российских условиях

The article substantiates the author’s interpretation of labor mobility potential and the factors of its activation in line with the subjective mobility concept. Its empirical verification is carried out on the basis of the analysis of the mass survey data and in-depth interviews conducted by the author among the young people employed in the economy of Kursk region, and their comparison with the results of all-Russian and regional studies.