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New Trends of Lifestyle of an Elderly Woman Living Solo

In contrast to traditional notions about solitude and privacy, living confined some of the women of the third age, shows their positive solo living, with all traditional and new social roles.

Социальная поддержка пожилых граждан в эмоционально-психологической сфере

The article is devoted the actual problem – the satisfaction of elderly citizens with emotional and psychological support from the social service system. The article presents the results of the qualitative research (interview) as part of the research group at the Department of Sociology of Social Work of Saratov State University in Saratov and the region.

Одиночество в условиях пандемии: страновый обзор

In the context of the general self-isolation regime associated with the COVID-19 pandemic, loneliness is becoming one of the most global, universal human problems. The coronavirus exacerbated a previously imperceptible situation of loneliness in the world and turned people into the participants in the largest psychological experiment on the planet. In this regard, it is relevant to describe loneliness as a social phenomenon included in the stratum aspect (among diff erent population groups), as well as in the context of cross-country analysis.

Спрессованное время пандемии

The purpose of the article is to reveal the features of changes in the perceptions and behavior of various groups in the education system during the COVID-19 pandemic. The authors analyzed the results of two focus groups conducted in the summer of 2021. Interns of the Scientifi c and Educational Regional Center for Monitoring Research, Gagarin SSTU. As a result, diff erences in the perception of social isolation by students living with families and single people were found.