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Manipulatiоn as a phenоmenоn оf the infоrmatiоn sосiety

The article touches upon the most urgent problem of information manipulation with the aim of infl uencing society. In most sources manipulation is interpreted as the use of certain techniques and technologies, under the influence of which the behavior of people changes in the direction necessary for the manipulator. It is noted that the most favorable conditions for the implementation of manipulation technologies are formed in the information society, in which information, knowledge and information technologies play a special role.

Анализ коммуникативных стратегий в общественно-публицистическом дискурсе

В  статье  рассматриваются  коммуникативные  стратегии  современного  общественно-политического  дискурса.  Автором  делается  попытка  выявить  средства  реализации  коммуникативных стратегий в тексте на материале российской прессы.

Язык ненависти и манипуляция как особенности современно

In the modern world the so-called hate speech is gaining ground. It is particularly used within the framework of the political communication. This process is accompanied by the strengthening of the manipulative influence upon the society and it can be seen as one of its manifestations. Hate speech may precede serious social upheavals and revolutions but it can also be used as a method of enslavement of man by the all-powerful state creating the illusory enemies.