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Role of Traditions and innovations in Socio-political Dynamics of Modern Society

The author’s position on a problem of interaction of traditions and innovations and their influence on society governance is presented in the article. The system of traditional values is considered as the popular and effective tool of policy. The author investigates importanceand place of tradition in the situation of globalization process and confrontation of different centers of force.

Conceptualization of Society’s Value Space

The article’s content presents the results of theoretical-methodological research which led to the author’s concept of society’s value space. The notions of «value» and «social space» are also studied.

Модельный подход в социологическом анализе социально-ценностного потенциала повседневных практик

The article presents a five-level model (algorithm) of the study of social and value everyday practices potential. The discursive frameworks of the research model formation are defined, research strategies are identified and characterized. The basic theoretical and methodological approaches to the research model formation are described. The research strategies at the analytical, instrumental-objective, modal, structural and procedural levels are worked out in detail.

Соотношение мифологических, идеологических и образно-символических механизмов конструирования государственной идентичности

The article considers the place of figurative and symbolic cultural phenomena in the process of forming the state identity of modern Russian youth. These phenomena are considered from the point of view of the possibility of direct influence on the value consciousness by using the socio-psychological potential of “aesthetic information” (A. Mol). The correlation of the figurative and symbolic aspects of the formation of state identity with the mythological and ideological aspects of this process is shown.