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политическая реклама

Роль политической рекламы в системе политических предпочтений провинциальной России

В статье на базе результатов социологического опроса выявляется отношение населения Саратова к политической рекламе в СМИ и особенности восприятия потенциальным электоратом
наружной рекламы, анализируются основные факторы, определяющие степень ее эффективности и влияния на политические ориентации саратовцев.

Политическая и органично интегрированная реклама: проблемы правового регулирования и направления их решения

The article deals with the problems of legislative regulation of political and organically integrated advertising, as well as the balance between political advertising, electoral campaigning, campaigning on referendum, and social advertising. It is concluded that there is a need for the adoption of a new law “On political advertising”, which extends the principles of integrity and reliability used for commercial advertising for political advertising, as well as fixes other restrictions for it acting for standard forms of advertising.

Особенности рекламных коммуникаций оппозиционного кандидата (на материалах предвыборной кампании П. Н. Грудинина)

The article contains results of the research of advertising communication of the candidate P. N. Grudinin. Drawing on the data from social surveys, the author puts forward a thesis that the political idea promoted by the candidate is irrelevant for the majority of voters in Russia. The following features of advertising communications are highlighted: an appeal to the past; the lack of attempts to expand the electoral base; use of oppositions.