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Social Value of Modern Projects of Developing Urban Environment

The article deals with the results of numerous researches made by Center of Regional Sociological Research of Saratov State University. This was the basis for validating the social value of one of the modern projects of developing urban environment.

Социологические принципы обустройства среды обитания крупных городов

The article shows that urbanization, overpopulation and global environmental crisis lead to the need of developing citizens’ daily life new principles arrangement. The key to the formation of a favorable living environment lies in the use of scientific knowledge, modern technology, and implementation of competent urban policy within residential areas. The analysis of scientific reflection on the problems of habitat arrangement shows increasing number of studies appying an integrated approach to creating a comfortable public space.

Социологические аспекты благоустройства заовражных территорий города Саратова

The article discusses the problems of urban development of the contaminated territories of Saratov aimed at improving this territory. Particular attention is paid to the substantiation and necessity of using in sociological studies of a modern city such a concept as a socio-territorial community, which is interpreted as a form of social life, where a certain set of individuals has the same type of relationship to a specific territory. Glebutchev ravine was chosen as a contagious model polygon.