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Social well-being and socio-psychological security of students with special needs in metropolis

Currently the study of the problems of people with special needs is seen in an interdisciplinary fi eld, where medicine and physiology come into contact with urban, socio-cultural aspects of life, allowing to expand the range of problems of social inclusion and disability and consider them from a new research perspective. The purpose of the research is to study the social well-being of persons with special needs in the context of the inclusiveness into urban space.

The Social Infrastructure of the City Through the Prism of Public Opinion of the Saratov Youth

Article based on the results of empirical sociological research examines reflection of urban social infrastructure in public opinion of the Saratov youth. Identifies criteria for prestige neighbourhoods are the most significant for youth social problems of public transport, the construction of pre-school institutions, environmental and criminal situations.

Modern Urban Society and Space Children: the Problem of Pairing

The problem of childhood space narrowing in its relationship with the negative trends in the development of modern urban society. The influence of the urban landscape to «children’s Territorial behavior» and personality development of the whole child, leading eventually to a breach of transfer processes of socio-historical experience and adaptation in society, social destruction and deviation.

Социальное самочувствие жителей провинциального города

In article the basic reasons of low level of social well-being of the Russian province are established. Social well-being – a basic integration indicator of a way of life of people. Assessment of social well-being of inhabitants of a country town was carried out on the example of Penza by a set of criteria: basic values of inhabitants, economic situation, the most significant problems of the region, international relations, zdorovyesberegatelny behavior.

Социологические принципы обустройства среды обитания крупных городов

The article shows that urbanization, overpopulation and global environmental crisis lead to the need of developing citizens’ daily life new principles arrangement. The key to the formation of a favorable living environment lies in the use of scientific knowledge, modern technology, and implementation of competent urban policy within residential areas. The analysis of scientific reflection on the problems of habitat arrangement shows increasing number of studies appying an integrated approach to creating a comfortable public space.

Социологические аспекты благоустройства заовражных территорий города Саратова

The article discusses the problems of urban development of the contaminated territories of Saratov aimed at improving this territory. Particular attention is paid to the substantiation and necessity of using in sociological studies of a modern city such a concept as a socio-territorial community, which is interpreted as a form of social life, where a certain set of individuals has the same type of relationship to a specific territory. Glebutchev ravine was chosen as a contagious model polygon.

К вопросу комфортной городской среды: социологические аспекты развития (с обращением к кейсу г. Владивостока)

The article contains the author’s generalization of the available research data for the purpose of sociological representation of the urban environment comfort and design tools for its development. The subject of the study is presented as a parameter of socio-spatial development and as a task, the importance of which is articulated at the state level and has its own regulatory, documentary and expert confi rmation. The study used methods of content analysis and expert online interviewing of a semi-formalized type.