competitive environment

Satisfaction of Saratov Consumers Competitive Environment Through the Prism of the Volume, Quality, Prices of Goods and Services

Article based on the results of the sociological research, conducted in the Saratov region, Saratov and reveals the main characteristics of the development of competition Wednesday in the region through such indicators as the level of satisfaction with the various categories of the population, prices, quality, range of goods and services producers. Line up the ratings of markets for these indicators, clarifies their dynamics over the past three years.

The Competitive Environment in the Markets of Goods and Services in the Saratov Region: State and Development

The article is devoted to analysis of the status and development of the competitive environment on the territory of the Saratov region. The paper describes the results of an empirical study based on assessments of the competitive environment the subjects of entrepreneurial activity and population, Saratov. Proposed a set of measures that promote the formation of effective policies and the improvement of the business climate in the region.