Constitution of the Russian Federation

Social Justice as a Value Guide for Changing the Constitution of the Russian Federation

The article is about key value models of social justice presented in the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the level they are embodied in real social, political, and economic life of modern Russia. The author evaluates constitutional changes proposed in terms of their correspondence to popular visions of social justice and fair structure of society.

Traditional and Normative Bases of the State’s Political Functionality in Modern Russia

The article considers traditional and normative bases of providing the balance between the state’s political functionality and civil society in post-soviet Russia. Exemplified by one of the most important articles of the Russian Constitution, possibility of different interpretation of the social state’s functionality and civil society potential for public problem solving in contemporary Russia is shown.

Conceptual Bases of Political and Legislative Support for Media Literacy

Certain premises of the key Russian legal documents (i.e. Constitution, Doctrine of Information Security, and Conception of State Information Policy of the Russian Federation) conducive to the media literacy formation are considered in this article.