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direct elections

Институт прямых президентских выборов в парламентских республиках

The article analyzes the impact of the institution of direct presidential elections on the form of government in the conditions of a parliamentary republic. The author identifies five models of the outcome of the introduction of popular elections, of which the parliamentary system remains in three models (Iceland, Ireland and the Czech Republic), and in the other two the transition to semi-presidential (France) and presidential systems (Turkey) occurs. Author’s assessment of the role of popular presidential elections in the parliamentary system is given

Особенности продвижения молодых руководителей в рамках конкурсных процедур на должности глав муниципальных образований Алтайского края 2017–2020 гг.

The Russian political sphere has witnessed a clear trend towards the rejuvenation of federal and regional heads. Science and practice have proven that young people have innovating thinking, are energetic and more motivated for results. Now at the federal level the corporate style in the implementation of the state personnel policy prevails. The aim of the research is to study the processes of updating executives at the local government level in the Altai Territory.