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election campaign

Факторы успешности избирательной кампании (на примере выборов депутатов Законодательного собрания Ульяновской области)

The article is devoted to the analysis of the key factors of a successful modern election campaign in Russia. Also it deals with the research of the role of political PR in election campaigns of different political actors. The article is about the ways of political PR which can promote success or failure of election of deputies of legislative assembly

Имидж политического лидера в эпоху цифровых медиа-технологий: особенности формирования

The problem of forming the image of a political leader using digital media technologies is, no doubt, urgent. The development of digital technologies and creation of new technological methods of political activity on their basis is happening so rapidly that researchers simply do not have time to comprehend the processes taking place. In this regard, any research that addresses this issue in a particular area is of great importance.