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The regional poverty: Generation aspect

The article presents the results of an empirical sociological study conducted in 2022 in Saratov using the questionnaire method and dedicated to poverty. The volume of the quota-territorial sample amounted to 626 respondents. It was revealed that the middle generation was more likely to talk about absolute poverty, the younger – about relative poverty. Today, the majority of Saratov residents link poverty with an income of 8–12,000 rubles.

Social Hybridization in the Context of Generational Subcultures

In article we had analyzed a process of hybridization of generations within culture space. We had reviewed natural, geopolitical and social and culture approach to definition of hybridization and proposed author`s definition to generation`s space term. We had analyzed process of forming hybrid of generations based in results of author`s sociological research.

Основные факторы формирования патриотических настроений у молодого поколения в современных социальных условиях

The article deals with the actual problems of Patriotic education of young people, the change of value orientations under the influence of external factors. The perspectives of the youth patriotism education development reveal the basic concepts of patriotism and the modern interpretation and the main factors in the Patriotic moods’ formation among the young generation under modern social conditions are highlighted.

Спецификафункционированиямеханизма формирования идентичности современноймолодежи в условиях изменяющейся социальной реальности

This article off ers a look at the process of identity formation of representatives of generations Z (Homelanders) in a modern reading, taking into account such a challenge as a changing social reality. The rapid informatization of society led to the digitization of the social system and the datifi cation of the living space, which, in turn, aff ected interpersonal interactions and communications which are important for the socialization process.

Ценности российской молодежи в социальном и этнокультурном контексте (на примере фокус-групп в Саратовской и Самарской областях)

The article presents a theoretical and empirical analysis of the phenomenon of youth values in the context of social and ethno-cultural transformations of Russian society. The results of focus groups conducted with the youth of the Saratov and Samara regions aged 18 to 35 showed the contexts of the manifestation of terminal values – family, health, self-development, freedom and personal and professional self-realization, acting as the basic guidelines of the younger generation and the characteristics of the relationship to ethnocultural diff erences.

Роль масс-медиа в социализации личности и поколений (по социологическим материалам)

The problem of socialization of the individual and generations is one of the most urgent ones. The influence of mass media is associated with certain challenges and risks for society and individuals, especially in relation to socially insuffi ciently mature children, adolescents and youth. It is in the young age that individuals go through the most crucial stage of socialization and the formation of a socially mature personality.