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“Change of Epochs” in German security and defense policy

The current study examines transformation of German security and defense policy after the speech of Chancellor O. Scholz in Bundestag on February 27, 2022, announcing the “Change of Epochs” – a new era in German foreign and defense policy. Germany’s security and defense policy was characterized by stability and predictability for a long time and has currently reached the stage of evolutionary transition. It is embodied in the shift in the perception of goals and objectives of Bundeswehr and in the release of the first National security strategy.

Russia-Germany energy cooperation: How paradigm change affects Germany’s economy and politics

The article analyzes the economic and political consequences for Germany of the essentially total breakdown of Russia-Germany cooperation on energy. The author notes that the breakdown jeopardizes Germany’s entire contemporary economic model built around imports of cheap Russian energy resources and makes the country increasingly dependent on the US and other exporters of hydrocarbons to keep its economy afl oat. Special attention is given to political consequences of the crisis, including emerging geopolitical and domestic issues.

Антиномии стратегических культур Запада и Востока (на примере Германии, Франции и Китая)

Strategic culture, as a phenomenon and a concept, was not taken seriously for a long time. Today, western researchers understand that strategic culture has a direct impact on political decision-making process in foreign policy. The study of the strategic culture of France, Germany, and China can help to optimize the Russian policy on the world stage.

Военные науки и наука о войне в понимании российских и австрийских исследователей

The article is a review of the bilingual collective monograph “Military Sciences versus War Science in Austria and Russia (Militärwissenschaften versus Wissenschaft über Krieg in Österreich und Russland)”. The monograph under review is the result of a Russian-Austrian scientifi c seminar on problems of war and military science. Book consists of two sections. In the fi rst section, the authors of the monograph consider a number of methodological and ideological problems of the war.