human capital

Human Capital Innovative Development Mechanism

Russian President Vladimir Putin set the task of making a scientific and technological breakthrough in various fields of economy, politics and education. This task can be solved only as a result of the formation and implementation of human capital innovative development effective mechanism. The study of the latter is an actual scientific problem. The purpose: the study of conceptual ideas that reveal the human capital innovative development mechanism; the refinement of this mechanism modern nature and structure in contemporary Russian society.

Education as a Main Factor for National Interests of a State

In this article, the author tries to conceptualize and analyze the educational factor in realizing the national interests of a state. The author applies the method of analytic eclecticism for education complex analysis in the frames of different theoretical concepts. In the system of national interests priorities the author offers to consider the system of education in the context of three interdependent factors: as an instrument of national security; as a main factor for social and economic development; as a mean of political influence (soft power).