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Механизм инновационного развития человеческого капитала

Bychenko Yuriy Grigorievich, Saratov Military Order of Zhukov Red Banner Institute of National Guard Forces of the Russian Federation
Balandina Taisiya M., Saratov Military Order of Zhukov Red Banner Institute of National Guard Forces of the Russian Federation

Russian President Vladimir Putin set the task of making a scientific and technological breakthrough in various fields of economy, politics and education. This task can be solved only as a result of the formation and implementation of human capital innovative development effective mechanism. The study of the latter is an actual scientific problem. The purpose: the study of conceptual ideas that reveal the human capital innovative development mechanism; the refinement of this mechanism modern nature and structure in contemporary Russian society. The methodological basis of the research is the system analysis method: interdependent and interrelated actions aimed at the differentiation of scientific concepts, the identification of common logical links of different scientific approaches, the clarification of the basic structural components of the human capital innovative development mechanism were made. The results: 1) the necessity of formation of the human capital innovative development mechanism was proved; 2) the analysis of its main components was made; 3) the distinctive features of innovative human development management in modern Russia were revealed. The conclusion: the human capital innovative development mechanism is a dual system. On the one hand, it is a scientific and educational component of the society that provides: the emergence, formation of new knowledge, design development, production refinement and the use of innovations to ensure the improvement of intellectual and educational human capital. On the other hand, these social subsystems create organizational conditions, prerequisites, motivation for the implementation of activities aimed at creating innovations, their subsequent implementation in the economic system of society.


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